One Reader At A Time

Well, it's been a couple of weeks since the official launch of the book, and I wanted to thank everyone who's bought either the e-book or the print book. I especially appreciate the emails and words of encouragement. Writing a story and letting other people read it can be a very scary thing. It's all pretend, something that comes from who-knows-where. And it always reveals something about yourself. And yes, you get looks from people that say, "Holy crap, what's going on inside that head of yours?" Anyway, one observation. I've spent a career creating advertising campaigns that launched all kinds of products and services. Each one with kazillion-dollar budgets to get the word out. But launching a book is so different. Of course, there's no kazillion-dollar ad budget. It's building an audience one reader at a time by word of mouth. It's the friend who asks, "Have you read anything good lately?" Or the guy sitting next to you on the plane who asks about the book you're reading.  Or a Facebook post. Leaving a review on Amazon. Or a tweet. It's starting with a few loyal fans  (that would be YOU) and building an audience. So again, thanks for a great launch, spread the good word, and look for some new stories soon.