Launch Party A Big Success


Thanks to everyone who came to the official Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle launch party. And a special thanks to Jim and Audrey Shanks who hosted the December gathering at their home. They had the place decked out in full bayou theme, from hurricane lamps and Spanish moss to a 2 x 3-foot poster of the book cover. Of course, what authentic Cajun party would be complete without a giant pot of gumbo as well as another pot of red beans and rice --  all washed down with a tub full of cold Abita Amber Bock -- Cam, Troy, Carla and the gang's favorite Louisiana beer. The weather was nice enough for the party to move outside to poolside, where a blazing pinion-wood fire kept the chill off. Also, a special thanks to my sisters Roz, Suzie and Lou for making the trek up from Baton Rouge along with brother-in-law Manuel, who made the gumbo the talk of the party. There were frequent instances of guests going back for their second (and third!) bowl. And yes, that's a book-cover cake. Who knew? It was fun signing a lot of books and talking plot points with everyone. Anyone staying late enough was treated to my wife Debra's world famous Fort St. Jesus Bait & Tackle Jello shots. They also went pretty fast. Anyway, it was a great time to not only launch the book but to kick off the holiday season. Thanks again!