Second Doug Malone Thriller Now Available


It's been a busy few months getting this new thriller series launched. "Draken's Fire" and "Viper"  feature Doug Malone, a former Delta Force special ops soldier who has "retired" to his native Louisiana as a charter fishing boat captain. But his former contacts at the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI always seem to need Doug for a special kind of charter job. That's when Malone's other business goes into action. It's "High Ground," a security and intelligence-gathering outfit based in the New Orleans French Quarter. Doug's other partners are Ike "Gunny" Davis, another retired special forces friend, and Rhonda "Drop Dead Red" Howard, an ex-New Orleans homicide detective. Together they get caught up in one adventure or another in the service of king and country. These books are novellas, or short novels, and are available only as e-books on Kindle, Nook or iBooks. I've got three more Malone thrillers in the pipeline. Look for the next one, Flashpoint,  later this year.