Soon to be released: The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac

Bayou Potomac.png

My latest full-length novel, The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac , is in production and is expected to launch in early September. It's Ghostbusters meets The West Wing, and should be a lot of fun. Here's a preview of the blurb on the back:

"President Beau Bergeron's rookie year in office is turning out to be more than he bargained for. An aggressive Chinese admiral is pushing for a big naval showdown with the U.S. Fleet in the South China Sea. And if that's not enough to occupy Beau's time, the sudden appearance of the ghosts of past presidents is about to push him over the edge. While they dole out advice, drink his beer, play practical jokes and ogle the first lady, Beau tries to figure out if his predecessors are helping him or pushing the country closer to war. His crazy college buddies aren't helping, either, as they hatch a plan for a little bayou-style ghost busting -- if they can get past the Secret Service. Can America survive the weekend and the Ghosts of Bayou Potomac?"  

The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac will be available in print and e-book format. Look for launch-day news soon.