Redcoat is now on sale!

My latest full-length mystery novel, Redcoat, is now available as a print and e-book on Amazon, and as an e-book on Apple iBooks, Barnes and Noble's e-bookstore and other e-book sites. It's the first in a series of mysteries featuring young Louisiana historian Emma Eaton. She's in the process of restoring a derelict plantation home, but she and her crazy friends get mixed up in deadly mysteries set in the present, but with ties to events of the past. I really enjoyed writing this one, since it let me explore all the things of I love about south Louisiana: its history, rich culture and colorful characters. Here's the blurb that tells you all about it: 

A British diplomat is murdered in the French Quarter, run through with a sword. In his hand is a metal button from a 200-year-old British Redcoat’s uniform. The FBI and Scotland Yard suspect this is no random murder. A panicked city thinks a ghost walks among them. But the authorities aren’t so sure, and they turn to local historian Emma Eaton for help. She reluctantly pulls herself away from a major restoration project at a dilapidated plantation home. Joining her is her eclectic team of researchers: ex-NFL defensive lineman and archaeologist Gibraltar Jones, salty-tongued old nun Sister Gertrude, and dashing Scotland Yard Inspector Tony Spencer. As the body count rises, they begin to connect the murders to the fate of a missing British soldier from the Battle of New Orleans and to a prominent New Orleans family who may have secrets to hide. But as Emma unravels more of the mystery, it puts her closer to an unbelievable truth, and the point of the sword of The Redcoat.