The Killing Cross is out!


The much-anticipated (at least in my own mind) follow-up to Redcoat is now on sale. It features historian Emma Eaton and her wheels-off band of sleuths: Sister Gertrude, Mitch, Gibraltar, Zip and Allie. This time her boss at the Foundation, Chris Moran, sends the gang on an impossible quest: find a legendary and priceless gold-and-jeweled cross rumored to be hidden somewhere on the grounds of Gladewood Plantation. There’s one catch. A ruthless and relentless rival has stumbled upon an important clue from the past and already has a head start. But as Emma picks up the trail, she awakens a darker, more sinister foe that may be hiding the cross and a secret so devastating, it’s worth killing Emma and her friends to protect it. If you like a good treasure hunt, a touch of mystery, history and humor, then grab a copy and enjoy. As always, thanks in advance for your interest in my books. As a lover of mysteries, history, south Louisiana and general mischief and mayhem, I'm always thrilled to get one of these stories down on paper. Or pixels for you e-book fanatics. I'm going to stick with Emma and her crazy friends for a while. Which is why I'm already well into her next adventure: Last Island. I won't tell you what it's about yet, but if you liked Fort St.Jesus Bait and Tackle, I think you'll like Last Island.