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"I grew up in Louisiana’s bayou and plantation country, listening to the strange stories my father and uncles told.  My father was a beer and liquor salesman, and as a kid, I used to tag along on his trips down the bayou, going from honky tonk to honky tonk to sell the latest in adult beverages. Boy, did I get to meet a lot of interesting characters. Later in college, I worked for the same company over the summer break, driving a delivery truck to all those fine establishments. After graduating from LSU, I began a career in advertising, PR and political consulting. I also served a while as media spokesman for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Department. Nothing beats a call at 3 a.m. to have a murder scene described to you. Or long, detailed chats with the coroner. Good stuff. Writing has allowed my imagination to escape to Louisiana for a little fun. And a lot of the characters in the books were drawn from that rich palette I developed over my years there. I hope you enjoy my Emma Eaton series of "history mysteries," including Redcoat, The Killing CrossLast Island and The Magicians. Emma's a young historian who gets caught up in modern-day mysteries with deadly links to the past. They're fun reads with a little history thrown in with the mystery. And for some just plain crazy fun, be sure to check out my single titles, Fort St. Jesus Bait and Tackle and The Ghosts of Bayou Potomac. Both good for a few laughs! Hope you enjoy all of them. Right now, I'm working on my next book, Prisoners of War. Stay tuned.